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A weak word used in a sentance as opposed to ‘ta da’!! Or a word used in a sentance as opposed to ‘Heeeeerrreesss Johnnny!’ Or it can be used when you run into a wall, car or window! Or, when you are running, and you notice your jogging shorts have fallen down around your knee’s!
Pronouced; Pw-ang, the a is short, as in apple.
The kids were running down the block when, p’wang, their mom was standing in front of them to tell them they had to come in.
The kids thought their dad was sleeping and were talking about how much work he made them do when, P’wang, he was standing in the doorway listening!
They were all running in a line behind their Aunt Mimi, being so hyped while watching one of the ‘Rocky movies,’ when one of the other adults in the group shout to Mimi, who stopped, and P’wang, all 7 kids ran into her!!
She was having a good run, and when she got to Fort Park, P’wang, she looked down and her jogging pants were around her knee’s!!
by NormaJean63 June 05, 2018
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