The act of two or more males, belonging to any given sexual orientation and united under the addictive tendencies of E-cigarette use, inquiring as to the remaining level of vape juice currently present within the other party's pod (aka "P").
Male Friend 1: "What's up bro, mandatory P check"

Male Friend 2: *presents a pod with minimal vape juice remaining*
Male Friend 1: "Woah bro, it's already gone? We got those yesterday"

Male Friend 2: "Yeah bro, I've been K'n Ps"
by DanBlizarianButtJuul January 30, 2022
p check; To remind someone to recognize their privilege when you catch them making insensitive comments
I p checked that white boy and he shut up real quick
by Turdinthewind March 14, 2020
Typing the letter 'P' in someone's browser's address bar and exposing all their pornography habits
Alejandro: Ey bro lemme give u a P check
Khawaja: nah bruh I'm clean just cleared my history
by Adly The First January 13, 2022