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An Aussie (Australia) that left the mother land and ventured over to the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand) to check out how the Kiwis do it and deciding to stay/live/work and play forever....

Therefore inadvertently becoming an Ozwi (Aussie-Kiwi)
Similar to "she doesn't know whether she's Arthur or Martha.....does than make her Amartha?"

Aussie: Oh mate that Shelia is such an Ozwi
Kiwi: Yeah nah yeah
Ozwi: Fully bro pass me jandles cuz I gotta chuck me cozzie on and head down the beach for a quick dip before we get munted looks rippa out there, oh pass me a stubbie out of the chilly bin ow
by Rebecca Roxs March 07, 2017
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