An ancient drug the Native Americans took, think of it as a "druggy's soup". What it is, is a mixture of substances that are combined with certain drugs and foods, which is placed into it's other half- it's liquid mix. YOu take it just as you would drink/eat soup. It obviously gives you that high feeling and hallucinations.

Wanna know how to make it?

1. Get a pot and fill with water. Squeeze ONE lime and THREE tangerines into the water. (their juices)

2. Grind up raw UNCAFFINATED coffee beans. It doesnt matter what kind as long is its caffinated. If you'd rather eat them whole, just drop them into the soup..

3. Put leaves from marijuana into it and put dried shrooms into it containing psilocybin.

4. When finish putting everything in, BOIL IT on the stove.

EAT UP! n dont forget to drink it to.
I found a site while doing a project for school on idians, n look what i found!

****About to make me a HUGE ASS pot of OYMEO!****
by Sheeba February 8, 2005
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