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Oxford Massachusetts is a dirty town filled with a lot of potheads and skanks who rome the street "strutting there stuff" when really what that have is a saggy ass and boobs hanging below there ankles. And dont forget the "skater" FAGS who think they can do every trick in the book, when in all reality they are a bunch of posers walking around with a board in their hand, barely knowing how to ride the thing. The library in "the center" of town as they call it, is one of the most popular places to get blazed. Little children run into the library to read books, and all you can smell is pot. Many locals must be too pour for a bed, do to the fact that all of the whores lose their virginity in the playground, and the oxford pond. While many people refer to Webster and Southbridge as the GHETTO towns, Oxford is filled with the whitest kids known to man. The men walk around and touch each other, pondering on when they are going to touch themselves, and screaming things like "i'm gonna stick my dick so far up your asshole.." finish that sentence yourself. In conclusion, Oxford is like every other town, just not as ghetto.
Agnus says "See that girl right there?! She lost her virginity in a playground.." and then Beatris exlaimed "Shit, she must be from Oxford MA."
by yourmother thanks. February 22, 2011
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