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Degrees on the scale 1-10
Represent sexual progress made in a relationship between girl/guy
Degrees of Scale
1. Holding Hands
2. Peck on Cheek
3. Kissing
4. Kissing with tongue
5. Outercourse (dry humping with clothes on)
6. Fooling around naked(touching boob)
7. Handski(Fingerbang/Handjob)
8. Mouthski(Bj/Eating out)
9. Intercourse
The goal is to get as high as possible without hitting 10(unless you want to get pregnent)
Using the ownage scale.
I level 1 owned with Sarah. (I held Sarah's hand)

JP got level 7 owned by Amy. (Amy gave JP a hand-job)

Oh shit! I level 10 owned Lisa. (Shit Lisa's pregnant with my child!)
by vipers June 13, 2008
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