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Owmage was the best mage on the game World of Warcraft.

he grew up in Quel'thelas under the name Coldsnap and enjoyed playing near the sunwell until the undead sourge corrupted it and blew it up, his hopes were crushed then he decided to become a powerful mage not a noob fire mage an amazing frost mage 10/0/51 he started his training in Sunstrider isle then moved to the lands outside of Silvermoon City and then ventured into the Ghost lands to kill the traitor Dath'relmar then he knew he had become someone. He grew up with his friend Valasca but as everyone knew would surpass her in skill and hit become a master of their classes skills first. Later on he would be in the city Stormwind killing many foolish humans who though they could even tear his cloth armour but with a single ice lance when frozen he could take 1 to 2/4 off of their health but out of nowhere the lost king of stormwind came with an army of alliance level 73 elites and they all took a swing at the mighty Owmage and he fell to his knees but as a last gesture he spat on the kings plate boots to say "you ganking fuck head" but he reincarnated as Joverkills pet OWMAGE THE MIGHTY SABER so remember him as a strong mage not a one hit from a mortal strike warrior he could take 3 non crit ones he was a good mage I remember him when he was level 1 please have him in your heart at all times.
1.a word used to substitute Ownage but talking about a mage
2.a fucking pro mage that use to be on the server Crushridge

1."Man, that mage was the total owmage. GET IT??!"
2a."Man, that mage was the total Owmage. GET IT??!"
2b."Man, Owmage was totally "owmage"ing. GET IT??!"
by Owmage August 30, 2007
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