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A person around the age of fourteen who is extremely addicted to overwatch. All he says is "I wish we could get overwatch on our school laptops" and "I wish you could get overwatch on steam". He makes overwatch reference on everything including going to the toilet. Whenever he gets home he does his homework at light speed then spends the rest of the night on overwatch. Whenever someone talks to him, walks in the room or even looks at him, he will yell; "I CANT HEAR YOU I CANT UNDERSTAND YOU IM PLAYING OVERWATCH WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY" The next morning he gets to school and the whole cycle repeats.
This person is very, very commonly a Lachlan Waugh
Dude, please tell me you're not turning into an overwatch addict.....
by MEEEEMES March 15, 2017
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