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1.An imaginary necklace worn by males displaying stereotypical female character traits. A potent, invisible talisman that can can only be removed by consuming a cement sandwich.


2.An imaginary necklace bestowed upon the sole male attendee of a 'Girls night out ". Again, a potent talisman that can lead to the wearer being paid the compliment of presumed gayness.
1. John is flatting with Henry. John has broken up with his girlfriend. John has just spent half of his savings on clothes and shoes that don't fit him,consumed a chocolate cake, gone to the gym for the second time since he joined two years ago and has had a fight with Henry after asking him if he will be home before midnight. John is wearing an ovary necklace.

2. Sebastian and Penelope have been best friends since nursery school. Sebastian has been invited to Penelope's hens night. Sebastian presumed he may get lucky with one of Penelope's friends. Sebastian was wrong as Penelope has secretly let them know she may/may not snog him on her last night as a single woman. Sebastian became privy to conversation usually reserved for the sole knowledge of the female friends. Seeing Sebastian with so many lovely women and not "with" any of them, onlookers throughout the evening presumed he was gay.
Sebastian had been given an ovary necklace.
by Samantha J. August 10, 2008
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