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some entity that shows signs of out of the box intellectuality and it isnt a douche about it. you can spell it as 'outtellectual' as well, no rules really.
duuuude that psythrashcorestep song was fuuuckin outtallectual.

jesus was an outtallectual

g.g. allin was a bit of an outtallectual

maan whoever finds the higgs boson is a prime outtallect

you are an outteligent man, you are smart but you dont sound like you came out of a diamond elephants ass.

i gave this guy an outtallecture and he had a present life crisis. hes outtallectualised now.

outtellection: when noone is elected as a prime minister, more like everyone goes online and votes for what the issue is. i.e i remember that outtellection back in 2012 when we were about to bomb iran. glad we didnt keep that president in power.
by Outtallectuals December 24, 2011
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