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A debilitating mental disorder that causes a person feelings of extreme inadequacy if they do not engage in some form of "outrage" against actions they believe are unnecessary.
Persons afflicted with Outrageophobia are compelled to scour social media sites looking for the next thing they can express outrage over. Occurrences that they are able to make these expressions over generally have nothing what-so-ever to do with them personally, nor do they have any stake in the outcome of their expressed outrage with the exception of the misguided belief that they have "made a difference". These people possess a physical fear of not having something to pronounce their outrage over, as they think that they are somehow forgotten in the world if they aren't making a scene of some sort.
"Did you see Louis's post this morning? He's all pissed off over that southern flag thing."
"Yeah man, it's weird because his family just immigrated here a few years ago... I think he may have Outrageophobia."
by Doctor E. Vil December 19, 2015
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