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Outcastration can occur in real life or online. It is the act where someone, (usually female), feels the need to publicly belittle or spread rumors about another person in order to boost their self-esteem and gain attention.

Outcastrators usually have insecurity issues, are drama queens, and attention whores. Outcastration occurs when a more secure, anti-drama, non-attention whore, (an outcastratee), receives more attention from the masses than the outcastrator.

The outcastration becomes so intense that the victim, (the outcastratee), feels uncomfortable being around others and isolates themselves. In the event that the act of outcastration occurs online, the outcastree will take a vacation or leave indefinitely, (abandon or delete their profile), in order to avoid the drama.
Girl 1: "I haven't seen you online lately. Is everything okay?"

Girl 2: "Not really. I posted something a few days ago that everyone thought was funny. Next thing I know, this fugly bitch got jealous of the attention I was receiving and outcastrated me on the board."

Girl 1: "You were a victim of outcastration? Weaksauce."
by Kamon94 April 10, 2012
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