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An expression originating in Australia in the 1970's, which refers to the practice of rear entry sex followed by withdrawal of the penis moments before ejaculation, with the distribution of semen over the female's buttocks and back. It should be noted that this technique is not 'safe sex' and does carry a risk of pregnancy if suitable precautions are not taken.
"Geoffrey, that was a wonderful vacation - thank you, we all loved it."

"Me too Paulette, what's your favourite memory?"

"Hmm, so many honey, but the Outback Splash in that wonderful suite in the George Cinq in Paris stands out."

"That's not the only think that was standing out baby!"

"Geoffrey, please, not in front of the children."

"Yea Dad, we know what you're talking about....."
by Katie4eyes February 21, 2018
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