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The act of gathering between 25 - 60 mature men (age 50+) and having them all simultaniously suck each others' dicks, forming a large circle. Then, after each man has blown their loads, they each vomit the load (of the guy's dick they were sucking) into a large vat or bucket and begin heating it over a fire. After that, each man takes a shit into the aforementioned vat/ bucket and stir it together whit their boners. After about 10 minutes of stirring (or when the mixture becomes a consistent light brownish color), each man fills a syringe with a reasonable amount of the mixture and injects it into the opening of their penis, only to be discovered by a female (or male) partner during oral sex.
By the time Mike's girlfriend had discovered that he had participated in an Otwell, her mouth was dripping with the gooey remains.
by Baconator984 November 26, 2011
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