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Also known as Meow-ze-dung..He is Ruler of the north american animal kingdom the most dangerous cat alive. Weighing in at 23 pounds, claws as sharp as razorblades can rip through trees and cement buildings. His secret weapon is his ability to get you to pet him, but if he does not like you he will scratch you in half. He has the nose 300x a dogs sense. He can kill you in one scratch. don't fuck wit da kit cat. His Klan consists of all neighbor hood cats, wildebeests, ant eaters, leopards, cheetahs, bob cats, linx and all other scratchers. His Help from the west , aka Moosh 10x is second ruler under his rule. He aka "ahhh scratch" she is fatness..yet is still tough and has the same ability of otis...she just follows otis because he is old and wise. But no worry...she beats the shit out of Mason.
Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh....its ot---.

^didn't even get to complete the sentence cause he was cut in half by Otis da Cat
by Adingchinaman October 12, 2011
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