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An otaku rocker is a cross between a rocker and an otaku the music choice of an otaku rocker is rock music of every kkind but most likely more Japanese rock music like Asain Kung Fu Generation or X Japan ,an otaku rocker will like anime the same as an otaku .Fasion wisa a male otaku rocker will wear a band or anime t-shirt (mostly) and jeans(black ,blue, riped, faded) or combats they most likely will wear leather jackts as well ,the female otaku rocker will wear the same as the male or tatan skirts, tights ect and maybe a more bubblegummy look from the otaku side . A male otaku rocker will most likely have long hair and if died ,died an unnatural colour(mostly) ,same with female otaku rockers .Otaku rockers will most likelly find them self being hated by chavs ,jocks ,preps and the likes of
Guy 1: Hey ,you know fill?
Guy 2: yeah he's an otaku right?

Guy 1: I thought he was a rocker?
guy 3: No he's an Otaku Rocker!
by otakurocker101 August 06, 2011
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