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A Soon to be real place where all the Star Trek, Star Wars and geek Movie Quoting morons and Pathetic Hiders (The One's who isolate themeselves behind Heavy Metal Music, like Metallica) will go once a real president steps up and ships them all there.


A Person who hides behind Media to make him/her Self Feel better then everyone else.
Robert: (Starts iTunes and plays Led Zeppelin)

Chaz: "Wow, Stairway, Good Song".

Robert: Why do you always have to be "that guy"?

Chaz: What Guy?

Robert: The Bastard who has to say the name of a song or a line to a movie for absolutely no Fuc*ing reason! I wish all the scared Hiders and People like you would get sent to Otaku Island.
by Batman (A.K.A Matt) March 19, 2004
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