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Osprey'ed: (v) os-prey-ed
Orgins: Neo English

Getting osprey'ed is a sexual encounter that can only occur in the "Boom Boom Room" of the Osprey Nightclub in Manasquan, NJ. It is the act of having fornication from behind while flapping one's arms in the illusion of an osprey in flight. A true "osprey" also wraps one's legs around the "gentleman caller", thus truly airborne. As the male partner comes to a close, the female partner is thrown to the floor. The male "spreys" the female in the face whilst the female cries out "cawww caawwww", and of course, continues to flap her arms.
"Not only did I hook up last night, but I got osprey'ed in the Boom Boom Room."

"I went to my local aviary to check out the yellow-bellied wren, but got more than I bargained for when i was osprey'ed."

"Yo that bitch got Osprey'ed, I heard her caw cawwwinng all night."
by The Gingerbread House August 24, 2009
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