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(noun) Ninja. GI, battler, champion, combatant, conscript, enlisted person, fighter, fighting person, hero, serviceperson, soldier, trooper, assassin, mercenary, protagonist. Green baret. Swift and cunning. Fast as lightning.
Person 1: "I think that was the wind."

Person 2: "No, that was Oseto."

Person 1: "I swear I just saw something."
Person 2: "You've been Osetoed."

Person 1: "Where did Oseto go?"
Person 2: "Oseto is a ninja. He goes to subway and finishes a subway seafood sub in 5.2 seconds."

Person 1: Beware of the Oseto scorpion. It penetrates through glass.
by South American Chilopoda February 04, 2010
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