A master of science fiction and/or fantasy writing. He is the author of four of the best books in history: the Ender saga, as well as the related Ender's Shadow series, which are books set in the same universe. Also wrote Homecoming Series and Alvin Maker series. Lives in Greensboro, NC, USA.
Orson Scott Card is the MAN dude! His new book, Shadow of the Giant, just came out!

Oh shizzile, you're right dude! I'll go get it now!
by Talonkarrde April 30, 2005
The science fiction/fantasy writing GOD, author of the four best books in history; the Ender saga, as wells as the next three best books ever, Ender's Shadow, books set in the same universe.
You should go by some books by Orson Scott Card right NOW!
by Senai March 11, 2004