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Orkutiya is a portmanteau or combination of two words; Orkut (a social networking site populated mainly by socially inept Indians and Brazilians who are famous for badly chatting up women) and Chutiya, an Indian word meaning fuckhead. An Orkutiya is therefore a fuckhead who behaves like he was on Orkut, even if he isn't.
She posted a picture of herself in a bikini and some Orkutiya said he wants to 'make friendships' with her.
by Vahishta November 16, 2010
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An very annoying socially inept person who somehow made it to the interwebz. Orkut a popular social network (then) in India, and bought out a lot of people who are chutiya when online.

Orkutiya does not imply that the person uses Orkut; rather it means that the person is behaving like a chutiya who would most probably be found on Orkut.
Liking own Status - Guaranteed Orkutiya!
Writes their status "lyk dis" or talks like a 8th grade female with bad grammar - Guaranteed Orkutiya!
Has a long status about how they love their friends with lots of heart emoticons (e.g. "omg! <3 <3 <3 luv u ___!!!!!!!!!! u are the best!!! ...........")
Creates new album to upload pictures of new haircut
Keeps sending FarmVille requests
Has 500 friends, will know only 20 in person.
When the boyfriend breaks up, updates relationship status to "Divorced"
Becomes a fan of "Breathing", and thinks its cool/funny
Thinks about sleeping, says goodnight on Facebook
Asks everyone five times to help them with their farm
Takes pictures of themselves in the school bathroom, applies effects to the pictures.
Suggests "like this group to get a free iPad" to all friends
Goes and sends invites to all of someone else's friends
Talks about life, peers and how sad they are with statuses
Sees a tree, updates status
Blocks someone because they "omg! i hate u", unblocks because they need drama again
Has "I am what i am" in their bio/about me
Talk on Facebook about how complex life is
Sends friend requests to all females with who have display pictures
Has celebrity display picture, or a comic character display picture
Shares mildly funny videos with the caption "hahahahah so funy"
Shares hoaxes and scams via links (unknowingly)
Answers to extremely stupid polls on Questions (e.g.: What does your name start with: ")
by AntiOrkutiya August 14, 2011
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