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An original charachter, also known as "OC", is a charachter that one has made up that stands different from other creations. This charachter may be inspired by various things in one's life. Some oc's are even improved past "imaginary friends" that the person had recovered old pictures of. The way to create your own oc, another way, is simply to think of a creature that nobody has thought of yet. The key to originality to to make something unique, while still maintaning charisma, and make the looks appealing to you. Once you have their look, create, for them, a personality. There is alot of people in this world, so if you happen to come across another oc with a look similar to yours, it's ok. Great minds think alike, right? At times when you feel lonely, that "imaginary friend" thing may come back to you, and you may start to form your charachter's personality by imagining what they would do in reality. They are apart of you, since you created them. If people bash your charachter, then they're bashing you, you're creative mind. And that is something that shows who your real friends are.
Boy: "Hey, Michelle, what are you drawing?"
Girl: "I'm drawing an original charachter."
Boy: "He looks kind of cool!"
Girl: "Thanks."
by Chaoticangel09 September 06, 2010
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