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1.) One's name that is sounded like a mix of "Or" With another words or alphabet "n" that sometimes is pronounced differently depends on the language and grammar in some country.

2.) A name that sounds like an orange fruit people who hear it will misundertood or misinterpret the name Orein

3.) A nickname that was given by my uncle when I was little (4 or 5 years). Since then everyone starts calling me Orein and it became my official name for my Social life and school names but not for my I.D unfortunately.
4.) A name that sounded like a name of a cute girl.
5.) A Helpful person who's willing to help friends or anyone when he/she have free time or energy left from doing lots of thing.
5.) A name that is not commonly used to name people.
6.)Orange colour.
Or + Ain't = Orein
Or + And = Orein
Or + N = Orein
Or + In = Orein
Or + Rain = Orein

2.) Guy1: Hey man, have you see my buddy Orein?
Guy2: Orange?
Guy1: No, Orein
Guy2: What a name
by Adriaan / Orein September 07, 2008
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