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Noun: The Orangamoose is a creature comprised of both Moose and Orangutan genes. It is related to the common trout although they no longer reside in the ocean. Orangamoose tend to mate for life, choosing one partner until death, and will not re-mate if they lose their companion. Orangamoose are not hostile by nature, but are easily provoked by the sight or smell of plastic cutlery, especially but not limited to sporks. The Orangamoose is 4 feet in height while in it's native position, and reaches a massive 9 foot height while standing. The Orangamoose cannot be killed by conventional means, and must be slayed with the shards of glass taken from a collective of broken beer bottles. There are no known photographs of this elegant yet elusive creature.
"Dude, did you get a picture of that Orangamoose?"

"Absolutely not. No one has a picture of the noble Orangamoose"
by ScoutingRainbow April 30, 2013
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