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this occurs when the man who has not done the number"2" in over 389 hours gives in to poopy pains and shits in to a females pussy. there is so much poo that it must find a new place to go "further into the body" causing the gag reflex in the women then propelling the poop through her mouth into a midgets butthole.

WARNING: the women may be throwing up poo in to the midgets butthole for weeks causing possible dehydration or poo-floodification.
Maria Lopez: flood my pussy with your number "2"
Juan Garcia Coconuts: i havn't pooped in over 467 hours you should be here for a while.
Midget Miguel: My butthole can't take this much poooo! Fuck!
Fucken carroty poo with peanuts too! Fuckin Oral Poo Syndrom!!!
by Nigth Tigers March 28, 2008
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