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Option J
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Option J refers to the advice "whip it out" as a solution to any life situation.

The phrase originated in the September 1, 2004 Primer Lounge, in which was discussed what a man should do if a stadium's Kiss Cam were to spotlight him and an estranged ex-girlfriend. Option J was offered by Keith Scott as the ninth potential course of action. There was no option I.

Option J does NOT simply refer to any situation in which the member is exposed. Situations in which it is not an "option", such as urinating or showering, do not qualify. At least one other person must be present, and the situation must be one in which the act does not perfectly fit within social norms, so that an element of shock exists. The term is often incorrectly used to describe self-abuse (masturbation).
You can appropriately use option J in these situations:

-When you don't have enough money to pay bus fare.

-During a parent/teacher conference when your teacher is about to announce to your parent(s) your homework deficiency.

-When you're on the Kiss Cam at a sporting event with an estranged ex.

-During communion.

-at a wedding when the holy man asks if there are any objections to be made.

-to explain option J before verbally trying to explain option J.

by James N. May 02, 2006
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