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To kill yourself. To commite suicide. To pick the last choice available to you. Scantrons, which are bubble sheets used for tests and exams, come with five options. Option E is usually reserved as being the last possible answer to a problem.
My girlfriend dumped me, I've got no money, my dog died, and the world sucks. Fuck it, there's always Option E.
by TheRon and Virage December 09, 2006
The action of eating double cheeseburgers from BurgerKing and McDonalds, while simultaneously drinking vodka, smoking pot, and frolfing
"You get the weed, Ill get the burgers, and we'll meet at the frolf course for some option E."
by lemur506 March 26, 2010
All of the above. The umbrella option in a multiple choice test.
"Hey man, what did you want to do tonight, watch the game, go to the bar or get some food?"
"Option E, let's hit up Buffalo Wild Wings!"
by Doggfite May 22, 2017