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If you believe that the definition for Oprah head refers to a woman that's been brainwashed by that fat, black, man-hating bitch Oprah Winfrey, you'd be correct, at least partially. There are millions of weak-minded, vulnerable, self-serving bimbo's that actually listen to this purveyor of bullshit and then blame their man that it's all his fault they're not happy.

However this term has a second definition. An Oprah Head is a woman that has a fat round head, has no neck and usually has a rotund body. They look like a snowman. No matter what hairdo they wear, how much weight they try to loose and cloths they try to wear, they can't compensate for that 'bowling ball' head.
Here comes Tawana. Boy, she is a plump little Oprah Head. She looks like 3 little boulders stacked up. That tent type dress doesn't hide a damn thing. What would you call three Oprah Heads coming down a hill? An Avalanche.
by Big Ed Moustapha April 09, 2010
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