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Most frequently seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show: quaint yet vapid and insipid New-Agey platitudes about life specifically designed to make you feel good about yourself so you 1) don't have to change anything and 2) don't have to ask yourself difficult questions that might make you think. They often assume the Bible is the answer to all life's problems. Replete with words like "inner self," "sharing," "healing," "New Earth healer," "Deepak Chopra," Doctor Phil" etc.
OprahBot 1.0: Did you see the latest episode of Oprah? She told me that I need to be a guru to my child and that the Bible holds all the answers!

Me: come on...those are just Oprah Winfreyisms and you know're better than that.

OprahBot 1.0: HERETIC! GET HIM, FELLOW DISENFRANCHISED AND BORED HOUSEWIVES! punchpunchpunchkickkickstabstab
by traumaturgist July 30, 2011
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