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A french name mostly used for alien like people who are funny and crazy but also extremely clever and deep although they do not know it. They are amazing people to hag around with and will get you in a good mood when you are feeling down. They are sassy, confident and cheeky unicorns. They are also great kisses. She is missed when she is not there.
Where is Ophelie?
by hot-mamajama July 20, 2015
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The typical basic bitch that only thinks about getting the meat. No one really understands how she does it because when you ask, everyone agrees that she is over rated and does not deserve the quality that she gets. Overall, Ophelie is kind of like the guy that is masturbating at the back of the class; everyone looks at her but everyone is disgusted
Damn, she is such an Ophelie.
Oh shit did you see Ophelie? We should get away immediately
by Steve is not dead September 04, 2016
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