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Ugly People Mingers who become attractive only because there is no other choice.
After a while the hormones adjust to the ambient level of ugliness and you can find these people 'Operationally Attractive'. All is fine until you return from the 'area of operations' to your usual life.
See also Beer Goggles
Eg:1 You're from the big city and you have to work/study out of town in hill-billy country where there is only 1 bar and only 3 girls/guys ..all with moustaches and tatoos, and hairy backs..after a few days/weeks/months (delete as appropriate) they start to look stunning Operationally Attractive.

Eg:2 Private Jones was on a 12 month tour of duty in SomewhereISTAN. At first the available women/men all looked quite Ratty with substandard looks, but after a few months they became "Operationally Atractive".....

Eg:3 My boy D who only dated gorgeous girls in London went to live and study in Nottingham..He swore abstinance for the first semester cos' the girls were all Coyote Ugly...then We didn't hear from him till the end of the summer term when he showed up with a minger under each arm like he was Hugh Hefner...They were huge and they were heffers...
We laughed him out of the neighbourhood. Since then he comes back to London every few months to re-calibrate his Radar
He has made a full recovery and is back dating only Top-totty again.
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