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Operation Australia is the name of the plan regarding sex party 1 lubing up his sweaty ballsack and slowly dragging it acrossy sex party 2(codenamed australia)'s forehead. A bet is placed on the outcome of the operation, resulting in a payment of $100 to the victor. Of course, both parties must be intoxicated or gay enough to fake it. The operation will be videotaped and placed on the internet to the humiliation of both parties. If sex party one, the owner of the supposed ballsack, places his testicles on the forehead of sex party two, he will instantly attain legend status in Bergen County. All sixteen year old males will be required to bow to his highness. In addition, his lubed up sweaty ballsack will be famous all over the internet and will likely be framed at the Museum of Natural History in New York CIty.
This weekend, we will put operation australia into action.
by KingArthurlikesIncest May 07, 2009
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