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A term used by women to describe parting their legs to show a willingness and desire for penetration, or to describe the gentle parting of the labia if penetration is not easy (for example if vaginal lubrication has been held back by the position of the labia).
“Andy, I love your finger work, you got me so close now ....”

“Let’s keep going, I love it.”

“No Andy, I’m gonna open the gate.”


“Slow down honey, I just need to open the gate. There we go ....”

“Whoa, baby, love the way you part your lips for me.”
by Katie4eyes May 06, 2018
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When a women open her legs. Opening the gates means to spread a woman's legs open for sex
"I totally opened Ahri's gates last night!"
Damn I'm going to try to open the gates on Sarah today!"
by SwagMoney69 September 08, 2015
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