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A group of people who got together to create madness and comedy throughout band and the internet through videos on Youtube. These people are a curly headed kid, a ginger that doesn't know what to do with himself, an Asian ninja, and an albino Mexican that looks a tad bit emo!
Victim - Hey! what happened to my slot!

Random person - IDK, must have been one of those guys from Open Ended productions!

Victim - Dang!
by llamalips93 February 07, 2009
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An awesome guy on youtube that makes kickass videos that you should watch and that you should subscribe to who has curly hair which apparently gets all the girls.
Guy 1 - Yo Dawg, did you check out Open Ended Productions new video?
Guy 2 - Oh hell yeah he's the SHIT yo!
Guy 1 - Damn Straight Son!
by Whutfrog February 07, 2009
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