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A fat, short, sorry excuse for a female with a fat face and spaced out eyes that likes to talk shit about people to feel better about her physical and cognitive shortcomings. These individuals have greasy hair, no life, and flabby breasts, and cow tits, if any at all. Fat rolls are a common feature to look for when Oompa Loompa disorder is suspected.

The spaced out eye phenomena is typically due to cranio-facial abnormalities that arise because of incest acts between Oompa Loompas.

Individuals with Oompa Loompa disorder insist that the love where their life is headed when in reality their destiny is to work at the Willy Wonka factory down in Cuba.
Oompa Loompa Disorder:

non-existent IQ score

"Like OHH MMM GEEE, like she's like so jealous of me like I go to school and like I'm so better that her..... like...."

" Like I go to"

"like.... I have a car.... like... to drive my fat ass to like the store.... like...uhhh"

Physical markers: spaced out eyes, fat noses, a whole lotta muffin top action, flappy non-symmetrical gorilla tits, fat rolls hanging off ass, a six pack of grease on back, foul odor when within a 50 foot radius, and stretch marks everywhere
by BlueDevil777 November 30, 2010
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