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A derogatory term used to insult members of the Bloods. Pronounced "oo-lawb". Derived from the word "slob". The word "slob" is commonly used by Crips to insult members of the Bloods gang. Oolob is just a funny way of saying slob. Sometimes spelled "oolobk," with the letter "K" after the letter "B" as a sign of disrespect to the Bloods because "bk" means "Blood Killer". Oolobk/Oolob is mostly used by South Side Compton Crip and East Side Compton Crip gang members. However this is more of an old school term, dating back to the 90's. This word is hardly used these days.
Bloods member: "What up, You fucKin crab ass ricket?!"

Crips member: "What up Oolob?!"

*gun shots*
by i8njjk7hjh May 24, 2010
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A derogatory term used by Crips in reference to Bloods. Slobs=Oo-lobs
I'm a Locsta and say f**k all Oo-lobs
by GangTech January 06, 2019
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