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A guy on youtube who does diving videos and sometimes does tutorials and even though he makes money from it he thinks he's king of the fucking world around his friends cause of it and he always says "It's my Job" and no one gives a shit. He also Loves his bestfriend who goes out with his other bestfriend. He also thinks he's hot shit cause he has a mustache and a beard. He's pretty cool though in his own little way. His name is also Michael Boyle. This is also the only username he uses and he has a lot of accounts.
Me: Hey dude, wazzup? Have you seen dat guyz new vid?
Dooshbag Friend: Nah breh, whut guy?
Me: Maaaaan wtf, you neva hear of dat coo guy Onturn7?
Dooshbag Friend: Oh dat nigga?
by Onturn7 December 23, 2011
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