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An onion poll is a social media opinion poll, generally Twitter, created to prove or disprove some point, (typically related to some social or politcal agenda), blatantly disregarding the fact that one's social media followership is inherently biased to agree, or at least closely align, with whatever cause it's creator is trying to promote.

Onion polls are only created to serve as supporting evidence in a straw-man argument, and the limited scope, absence of an unbiased control group, lack of verifiable demographic information, and no way to prevent people from voting multiple times, are all factors which contribute to these sort of polls being just as meaningless.
@Newbtard: Did you vote in the latest onion poll about feminism?
@HeresJolly: Which one? @Onision posts like 50 of those a day, and they're all fucking retarded.
@Newbtard: The one that proved feminism is about equality by stating in the description that only feminists were allowed to vote and asked if they thought men and women were equals.
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by jollyadamroger July 10, 2016
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