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An American Gamer whose name means "Those who act like demons" in the literal translation of the word. He plays off the Playstation network, and is a proficient FPS player. He also enjoys RPG's and Strategies, etc.

He has various nicknames for parts of his name such as "Oni" and "Jin," as Onikazejin is hard to pronounce, apparently. (O-nee-kah-zay-g-een)

He is also:
A) An American who frequently talks to Aussies on IM using his I-pod.

B) Thinks he is Japanese but really isn't.

C) Pwning RIGHT NOW!

D) Extremely vain. He wrote this himself.
Gamer 1: Hey, did you hear? Oni was up until 3:00 in the morning talking to Raz!

Gamer 2: I don't really care now! He just pwned my ass in Battlefield: Bad Company!

Gamer 3: Why is Onikazejin so hard to pronounce?!
by Onikazejin December 12, 2009
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