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When an individual that works for an employer, who hasn't been fired and is still employed, stops recieving a paycheck due to a payroll screw up. Everytime the individual attempts to follow up on the problem, the person in charge of payroll will call it by that name. Usually, due to the high demands and deadlines in any given payroll department, the probability of the problem being corrected is very low unless a very high level supervisor has become involved. The problem can last for weeks, even months, forcing the individual to get another job or quit all together. Usually getting denied unemployment for quiting. In rare cases, the individual, who quits, will recieve a W-2 form at the end of the year showing all wages, yet a large amount of those wages still have not been paid.
1) I went to pick up my paycheck Friday and my boss did not have it when they came. Payroll was closed and I had to wait till Monday. I called them on Monday and they told me that I should have been paid and that there was an Ongoing Payroll Issue and that it would work itself out shortly. 16 weeks later, I got another job and sued the bastards!
by The Jax April 25, 2007
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