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A debilitating disease in which a man chooses to only see one vagina for the rest of his life (see: marriage).

The onset of Onegina Syndrome comes on slowly at first, initially affecting masculine activities with the subject's friends (ie. sports, vids, bar hopping, trips to vegas, etc). Soon the disease will accelerate and spread to all other aspects of his life, and the subject's identity begins to be transformed from that of an individual into that of a couple (see: siamese twin). Soon the subject is unable/unwilling to attend any event without his other half, and will make all social decisions based upon what will be best for his relationship. By the time Stage V Onegina Syndrome is reached, it's best to say goodbye to the individual and hope for the best. A manageable quality of life for individuals afflicted with Stage V Onegina Syndrome is possible, due to the hypnotic effect the disease has on the brain. The subject will often feel that their life is "better" or "more mature" now that Stage V Onegina Syndrome has taken hold. The friends of the subject are often the true victims of this awful disease.

Onegina Syndrome can affect anyone, especially if the subject is a nester at heart. You should not attempt to engage in masculine activities if you're suffering from OGS. If you're unsure if you're mentally healthy enough for masculine activities its best to first consult your gynecologist.
Guy 1- Hey guys, I'm ordering the fight tonight! Lets hit the strip afterward and do it up!

Onegina Syndrome Sufferer - I can't man, I think Lacey and I are just going to pick up sushi and watch the notebook. She's bloated and feeling gross cause she's on her period. Just trying to be supportive.

Guy 1- Wow. Just wow.
by EZ__ November 26, 2010
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