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One-night-stand carnage describes being on a grey street, not really knowing where you are on a Monday morning. People are on their way to work while you have just been ejected out on to the street from the girl's flat (name unknown) where you spent the night. You are still drunk, have bloodshot eyes, are wearing a going-out shirt and because you were using Dax Wax your hair is all over the place. All can plainly see that you were out fucking. Now comes the walk of shame...
Fucking hell, I was serious one-night-stand carnage. I was at the busstop and everyone was looking at me. I was all over the place. I didn't have a penny on me so I had to bunk onto the Luas (Dublin tram) without paying and then walk home. Got into work two hours late... Same again next weekend?
by The Bazman May 30, 2007
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