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The opposite of 'one-upping' someone.
Also called 'one-downing'.

Generally used to troll someone; confuse them, or make them upset. Sometimes the victim doesn't even notice.

A form of comedy potentially even more lame than puns.
No wait, it is.
John: It's raining really hard outside today!
Cathy: Yeah it's kindda drizzling...
John: Aw, I hate one-downzies!
Cathy: One-downzies bothers me too...

Patrick: Life is good!
Lizzy: Life is okay.

Brad: I really hate Mike!
Taryn: Yeah Mike is kind of a jerk...

Chase: Taco Bell's meat is absolutely disgusting.
Meagan: Their meat is sort of low quality.
by Paulexander November 22, 2010
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