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An expression used by a group of friends that is "supposed" to be a limit on the amount of time that the group will spend at a strip club.

The overall premise is that the group will either drink 1 round of beers, partake in 1 lap dance per individual, or spend 1 hour overall before the group is "supposed" to go home. Whichever event occurs first is what is "supposed" to force the group to go home.

After 2 hours of drinking at the bar...
Reynold: "I'm feeling pretty good. Let's go to a strip club."
John: "I don't know. I'm exhausted and I have to go to work early in the morning."
Reynold: "We'll only do 'One beer, one dance, one hour.' and then go home."

John: "Alright. If we do that, then let's go."

7 beers, 4 lap dances, and 3 hours later...

John: "We really have to stop saying that we are only going to do 'One beer, one dance, one hour.' We are literally incapable of doing t
by Frank the tank 23 January 13, 2014
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