A condition often associated with strategical games of the video nature. It has destroyed the lives of many, causing sleepless nights and missed job interviews. Symptoms include a detachment from reality, complete lack of time awareness, and an inability to stop mobilizing your forces.

A far greater threat than Restless Leg Syndrome, yet it frequently goes unrecognized and untreated. The Silent Killer.

Little Johnny (Age 12) has been playing Civilization 4 for the last three hours.

11:30 PM

Little Johnny: " I'll go to bed after one more turn."

12:30 AM

Little Johnny: "Just one more turn."

1:30 AM

Little Johnny: " I'll go to bed after just one more turn."

7:00 AM

Parents find Little John dead, eyes glued to the screen and only two turns away from world domination. One More Turn Syndrome strikes again.
by Utica May 30, 2010
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