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Originating from the french "Eiffel Tower" and the act of "Eiffel Towering" a sexy bitch with your homie, the "one man eiffel tower" can only be described as a heroic act of bravery, leadership, and solo superiority. It is when the dude is lying on his back, wearing a strap on, with the girl straddling him and giving him head (on his real dick). He then procedes to have stick the strap on in the girls butt, while at the same time reaching both his feet and hands in the air, touching them together to form an old fashioned eiffel tower! (male body is ground, legs and arms are sides of tower, and girl is the bridge).
Me and my bro were eiffel towering this bitch, when he decided to pass out on me. Because I'm the man and I fear nothing, I took on the act of the one man eiffel tower. She didn't know what hit her.

"Bro, what happened last night"
"I pulled off a one man eiffel tower"
"A What!?"
"Yea, I eiffel towered a girl by myself, using a strap on"
"Dude, thats fucked up"

Created by 914 native and serial fudge packer
by pooponthegooch July 28, 2011
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