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A cover singing male duet, one of them being one foot taller than the other, that played venues throughout various magical kingdom theme parks. Reaching their apex of popularity in the early 2000s among children and mothers alike through reinventions of popular soft rock hits from the 80s and 90s, where the song's typical subject matter of lost love and lonliness were re-invigorated with an air of optimism and "chin up" hope, and furiously backed up by the duet's: dramatic stage theatrics, intimate interactions with the crowd, elaborate sets, and generally wholesome "good clean time" image. The Duet is most known for their popular opening song/act "Two for One" and the 2003 worldwide tour of the same name, where the act was opened by a quick witted punning between the two singers, who would saunter and jog about the stage drumming up the crowd to chant "2 for 1" with a furious hand gesturing of three signals in sequence 1. 2 fingers 2. 4 fingers 3. 1 finger (repeat). There is a bust of their faces in dramatic comedic and tragic repose against the northward facing wall of Princess's castle in Anaheim.
i remember chanting two for one, two two, for one, at one foot taller concerts
by jon utah 99876 June 29, 2010
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