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A Pennsylvania based acoustic-fusion band beginning in 1983 started by Jill Haley, Mark Oppenlander, and David Bozenhard. As quoted from their website:

"ONE ALTERNATIVE describes its sound as an acoustic fusion that blends the compositional form of classical music with the spontaneity of jazz and rock."

They got their name from co-founding member Frank McDermott. It comes down to the thought that their sound is one alternative to whatever different sounds one would want to listen to.

They currently have 5 members of the group:
--> Jill Haley-French Horn and Oboe
--> Mark Oppenlander-Guitar
--> Dave Bozenhard-Guitar
--> Cooke Harvey-Bass Guitar
--> Tony Deangelis-Drums

They also have 6 albums:
--> Greenlawn (1985)
--> Take Note (1988)
--> Shadows (1990)
--> Yet to be (1996)
--> Changes (1998)
--> Pendulum (2003)

You can check out some of One Alternative's music and get their gig schedule on their website at
John: Hey, did you go see One Alternative last night at Taylors music?
Maria: Yea! It was mind-blowing!
by music_lover125 May 27, 2009
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