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The best person you could ever have in your life,weird but ok. you would be lucky to have her and don't let her go because if you hurt her you will never be able to forgive your self. you have just lost a loyal person who has the kindest heart and if you say your sorry she will be your friend again even if she is weird and makes mistakes with choosing friends who think there better and disrespect her but when it comes down to it they don't really now her like you do and is still always there for her fake friend when everyone isn't so. Even though everything she is the only one in the you want your existence to be based on. EVEN IF YOU CANT HAVE HER . But she does love you too.
Ex1. See her over there


she's weird

-bro that is my best friend and you don't even know her she's the kindest person anyone would know.
by I'm not stalking you bro February 12, 2019
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