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To overtly use proper grammar, really long sentences, and pompishness in day to day life.
Brian: "Hey dude let's smoke a blunt"

Onder: "I do think that is such a terrible idea, and thus, we should not do such a thing. But should you wish to do so, you do understand that you would be breaking the law and have a chance of being imprisoned? I beseech you to not smoke such cannabis in my face"

Brian: "wtf dude why are you so onder?"

Onder: "I am deeply offended at your usage of such profane language. Please abstain from asking me with such brash and terrible manner."
by 1010102 April 19, 2010
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To pull an Önder(pronounced as under).
Used to indicate a very stupid move of accidentally hitting an USB memory key while it is still in the USB sloth off the computer, thus snapping it in 2 or more pieces.
To pull an Önder on someone.
He pulled a Önder on me!
Don't you dare to pull an Önder on me!
by David I June 06, 2007
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